Sunday Lesson Recap: Missionary Work and the Work of God to Reach Every Human Heart


This weeks lesson came from the Lorenzo Snow lesson manual,  19 and 20.

“There is a way to reach every human heart, and it is your business to find the way to the hearts of those to whom you are called.”

As women in the gospel, we are called to watch over and reach many different people. In our homes, our families and our community, there are people we can reach. Since we are all different, with different needs,  the Lord needs each of us to do his work. He needs us to be a friend and missionary to anyone who may need it.

When on his mission, Lorenzo Snow questioned why he was where he was.

While he was in England, he wrote a letter to his aunt, explaining why he was willing to leave home and serve as a missionary: “The thought that I am between four and five thousand miles from the home of my childhood and all of my early, fond associations, very naturally prompts the question, Why am I here? …

I am here because God has spoken, and raised up a Prophet, through whom He has restored the fulness of the everlasting Gospel, with all its gifts, powers, ordinances, and blessings; with a proclamation to all peoples, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ In the providence of God, I have been called as an ambassador, to bear this message to the nations of the earth….

The question “Why I am here” poses a great opportunity in regards to missionary work. If we ask ourselves this question, we open ourselves up to the spirit to know our purpose.  We may be prompted to be in a physical location or a relationship or situation to help someone. Asking this questions gives us the power to learn who we need to reach.

  • How would asking “Why am I here” help us in our relationships with others? How would this influence our sharing the gospel with others?

President Snow bore powerful testimony of the Savior to his grandaughter. She recorded this experience and shared it:

“In the large corridor leading into the celestial room, I was walking several steps ahead of grand-pa when he stopped me and said: ‘Wait a moment, Allie, I want to tell you something. It was right here that the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me at the time of the death of President Woodruff. He instructed me to go right ahead and reorganize the First Presidency of the Church at once and not wait as had been done after the death of the previous presidents, and that I was to succeed President Woodruff.’

“Then grand-pa came a step nearer and held out his left hand and said: ‘He stood right here, about three feet above the floor. It looked as though He stood on a plate of solid gold.’

“Grand-pa told me what a glorious personage the Savior is and described His hands, feet, countenance and beautiful white robes, all of which were of such a glory of whiteness and brightness that he could hardly gaze upon Him.

“Then [grand-pa] came another step nearer and put his right hand on my head and said: ‘Now, grand-daughter, I want you to remember that this is the testimony of your grand-father, that he told you with his own lips that he actually saw the Savior, here in the Temple, and talked with Him face to face.’”

This is an incredible example of bearing our testimonies, most importantly to our family and friends. We need to share the knowledge that we have!

If you have a  moment, please watch this video on

Missionary service and the work of God are brought about by small and simple things. There are so many little ways that we can teach and love those around us.

Questions for discussion:

How has bearing testimony to your family or friends blessed your life? How has it blessed theirs?

Who needs YOU as a friend or missionary?

Who in your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors do YOU need to reach?

How would Visiting Teaching, attending RS and fulfilling your callings help you reach the hearts of others?

Sister Tidball gave the challenge to find ways to reach others this week and to be a friend and missionary in any way we can.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments during the lesson! Hope you all have happy weeks!


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